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Give your heart to a child who needs People.

Diagnosed from the womb with a serious locomotor condition (lumbar myelomeningocele and ventriculomegaly), little Alexandra received an unrelenting verdict from the doctors – she will never be able to walk!

However, as the parents did not stop fighting and looking for a cure for Alexandra, they reached therapists who, reassessing the little girl's condition, concluded that, although minimal, the chances of improving the little girl's life do exist.

Support Alexandra's long-term therapies with a one-time or recurring donation
Our mission is to improve the lives of seriously ill children or those in vulnerable situations, through medical, material, social and moral support.

We are building, for them, the most innovative Medical and Educational Campus in Romania.

The story begins here.
About the Assa Campus
Tens of thousands of seriously ill or vulnerable children live in Romania. We aimed to reach everyone, to identify the beneficiaries of the ASSA Campus, to find out what difficulties they encounter and to support them medically, socially and morally.
About Assa Campaigns

Assa Foundation

We Live.We Love.We Give

The ASSA Foundation arose from the desire of the founders to provide medical and material support to children in need.

Today, we are a team of passionate people, coming from various professional backgrounds (medical, legal, communication, project management, entrepreneurship, accounting, administration), united by one goal: improving the lives of children who are seriously ill or in vulnerable situations.

Our contribution means the experience and TIME we give, without any benefit, to the ASSA cause.


We believe that every child has the right to a carefree life. We want the reintegration into the family and society, of all children who struggle either with serious illnesses or disabilities, or with shortcomings or abandonment.


Our goal is to develop a platform to help children, with an integrated and sustainable approach, both medically, educationally and socially. The ASSA campus will help achieve this goal by creating an environment where children will be supported to reach their full potential.


Our mission is to create bridges of kindness between children who are seriously ill or in vulnerable situations and people who can build, with us, a universe in which the little ones will regain their right to childhood, their right to life.

Banner Caravana Assa

We emabrk in the ASSA Caravan! The story begins here.

We promised to change the lives of children who are fighting unfair battles, whether with serious illnesses or disabilities.

Because we want to support all the vulnerable children in Romania and make known the impact that the ASSA Campus will have in their lives, we decided to set out on the road to the communities where these little ones live.

For more details and the possibility to book your participation in Caravan Assa online, visit the link below.

The Assa Podcast

We’ve launched the Good Deeds Podcast!

Thus, we created a new bridge of communication between communities of good people and children in vulnerable situations.

The foundation’s podcast, which is hosted by EM360Group, debuted with an exceptional interview with a man who has dedicated his life to good – Muhammed Muheisen – See More.

Assa Camps

ASSA camps are a natural continuation of the direct interaction we want to have with all the children who are beneficiaries of our projects.

They also represent a preamble to the camps that we will organize within the ASSA Medical and Educational Campus, which we will build at approx. 30 km from Bucharest.

The children come from vulnerable communities and face either disadvantages or serious conditions.

Most of them have never left the environment they were born into and do not know the concept of desocialization outside the familiar environment.

Assa campaigns

We offer educational opportunities and support materially, humanly and financially families with a difficult material situation, through permanent campaigns:


“Unseen Children from Forgotten Places”

“And I have my Star!”

“The Miracle of Together”

“Santa Claus, I would like…”


Assa Caravan. First stop – Pitesti

The first part of the day was dedicated to educational-recreational and therapeutic activities for children and parents (creative workshops, play therapy, focus groups supported by specialists in neurofeedback, psychotherapy and


Assa Caravan. First stop – Pitesti

The first part of the day was dedicated to educational-recreational and therapeutic activities for children and parents (creative workshops, play therapy, focus groups supported by specialists in neurofeedback, psychotherapy and



Together with mothers, we grow people

The peace in Tatiana’s soul

Until a few days ago, Tatiana was in the hospital with Mihaita and Cristian.
Despite the pain and torment, they were all happy because

Read More

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