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Assa foundation

We Live. We Love. We Give

"We help fragile children's souls to fulfill their destiny! With a smile we create smiles, with passion we grow passions, with dedication we fulfill destinies!"

Assa Foundation

Claudia Luiza Ungureanu

Founder & President

I wanted the experience and knowledge acquired throughout my life as an entrepreneur to be fruitful in a noble project, dedicated to children and parents who are going through suffering and who are fighting for life.

I strongly believe that life is about loving, building with passion and giving with joy. I believe that by healing others we heal ourselves. This is how the ASSA project took shape, and trust in people and their power to make the impossible possible materialized through the establishment of the ASSA Foundation. Together with a team of beautiful people, who believe in the same principles and values, who have the same vision, they set out on a journey with the aim of providing support, joy and healing to those who are struggling. The ASSA team is the engine of the foundation, without it ASSA would have been a dream, a star I would never have reached.”

The ASSA foundation team is being formed, the primary condition to be part of it is to be, first of all, People.

Cristi Lițeanu

Executive Director

“About me: I do NOT believe in the saying “Good is done in silence…” Good must be shouted loudly! Even using a spokeswoman… How many people need to hear about the good done, by or to someone! That’s what I would like to be… a kind of spokesperson for the good done but also that someone from whom the good starts.

I am an image operator by profession, for me the most beautiful job in the world… A job that helped me discover other skills in myself that I now want to put at the service of the good I was talking about. Convinced family man, stubborn teammate, almost perfectionist, annoying at times and with a typical English sense of humor, I could brag ten more times…. So…
Cristi Lițeanu…just a man”.

Lucia Jipa

Asistent manager

“I don’t really like to talk about myself, because it’s more important how others perceive you, not how you see yourself. However, I love people, I love children, animals, flowers, music, life. I like giving much more than receiving, I have a good day if I at least listened to someone.

My friends tell me I’m a shoulder to cry on. I am the optimist at work, I strongly believe that everything has a solution, I believe that we all have something good. If I can share from my experience, from my joy, if I can help, that’s perfect.”

Oana Tatu


The two sides of my life have always been law, legal sciences and social-educational-humanitarian actions, especially those dedicated to children. With them and for them. Because with the children and together with them I explored new dimensions of creativity, imagination and innovation, I learned to give much more simply and authentically. I learned alongside them and with them that things can be different in this life, I learned the meaning of Together and from here it was only one step towards becoming the “defender of the children’s cause” because what we are and what we are doing now has a great echo in eternity but also in the lives of future generations.Everything makes sense when you understand the meaning of your life!

Emilia Moțoc


The world is more beautiful when you see it through the eyes of a child. Working with and for children made me see another side of life, a side unknown to me until then. Here we saw how much good we can do with a simple gesture and what the power of united people means. I believe in the chance that every child has to heal and I know that it is only up to us which side of the glass we choose to see. We believe it is possible. Do you believe in us?

Damiela Adelina Pîrjol

Assistant Manager

Alina Maria Burlan

Assistant manager

My story begins when I began to intertwine my rational and logical side with a sincere desire to cultivate self-love, balance and authenticity. Self-understanding is an important key in our lives and opens the doors to healthy relationships with those around us. I believe that from that point we can give love in a healthy way.
I feel that in the ASSA Foundation I have found the place where I can actively contribute to positive change in communities and where I can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need to feel the power of “Together”.

Eugenia Glăvan

Communication Specialist

The world is a huge puzzle of stories, and ASSA is a piece of this puzzle.

And as every story needs a skilled storyteller, Eugenia is the one who makes our adventures known, revealing the magic that can reside in any of us, in a simple gesture or in a seemingly trivial detail.

Valeria Ioana Popescu


“With over 10 years of activity in strategic leadership and mentoring, my area of expertise has expanded to advising certain aspects that can diminish or even suppress personal development initiatives.

Loss, complex family situations, challenges, change, are just a few factors that can destabilize our path. To be able to put my skills to the service of my peers is a privilege that I wear with humility.”

Anamaria Nițulescu

Medical manager/medical department coordinator

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